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Company SFÉRA, a.s., registered its trademarks in the territory of Ukraine


Ukrainian  Intellectual Property Institute confirmed the provision of legal protection for designations of the products of SFÉRA, a.s., XMtrade® and XMatik®, in Ukraine.

Today, legal protection of the trademarks is valid not only in Ukraine (UA) but also in the Slovak Republic (SK), the entire European Union (EU), as well as on international level in the Czech Republic (CZ), Hungary (HU), Poland (PL), Austria (AT), Germany (DE), Ireland (IE), Great Britain (GB), Benelux countries (BX) - Belgium (BE), the Netherlands (NL) and Luxembourg (LU).

By registering trademarks, our company protects not only its interests and rights, but also interests of our customers, in order to eliminate risks arising from the unauthorized use of designations of the services and products.

Up-to-date information on the period of validity of the registered trademarks XMtrade® and XMatik®, as well as information on the list of classified goods and services for individual countries and territories can be found in the relevant registers at the following links:


Information on all registered trademarks of the company
SFÉRA, a.s., can be found at


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