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Project International Centre of Excellence for Research of Intelligent and Secure Information-Communication Technologies and Systems - II. Stage


On December 31, 2020 we successfully completed the first year of project implementation: International Center of Excellence for Research on Intelligent and Secure Information and Communication Technologies and Systems II. Stage where we focused on the Analysis of range of data needed for system modeling (power system elements, their static and dynamic parameters and interconnections) and on the Analysis of external influences and interactions of electric power system elements in steady and transient phenomena on data structures of models.

We also dealt with Proposal of the whole architecture of the solution for modeling and simulation of the microgrid with results, which are summarized in output documents. The documents are published on the project website:

The research project will be finished in 2023. Research and development of new intelligent solutions responds to modern trends in the support of the use of energy from RES and the need to ensure quality and manageable energy.

Optimization of the operation of renewable energy sources in electric power system and solving the problem of implementing smart grid technologies and also determining their impact on the security and stability of electric power system is a topical issue.


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