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SFÉRA is one of innovative companies that will mentor PhD students at the Kempelen Institute


Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies (KInIT) launches doctoral studies. The Institute gets off the ground doctoral studies in cooperation with the Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology, and wants to attract candidates with high-level mentors who work at universities abroad, at companies such as Google as well as wants to involve for cooperation Slovak innovative companies. Company SFÉRA was appointed as innovative company along with companies Eset, Softec, Luigi's Box.

Applicants for doctoral studies can express their interest and apply for the preliminary round of admission procedure by April 20, 2021. Subsequently, selected applicants will have one month to meet their mentors from the KInIT, mentors from other countries, from partnership companies and to agree with them on topics for research and, last but not least, to get acquainted with internal life of the KInIT.

Successfully "matched" applicants will finally apply for doctoral studies at the Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology, in partnership with which the KInIT launches its doctoral studies. In the final round, it will be decided which of them will become the KInIT students. Doctoral students of the KInIT will be employed on a full-time basis at the university, where they will conduct research and study for their PhD degree in frame of their employment. At the same time, they will be led as external doctoral students of FIT VUT. Graduates will get a diploma from FIT VUT.

Academic year starts on September 1, 2021. In addition to the KInIT research team, doctoral students will also be led by several mentors who work at top universities abroad and work at research teams of IT companies.

Among KInIT's foreign mentors are: Peter Brusilovsky, modeling and personalization expert from the University of Pittsburgh, Branislav Kveton, machine learning expert from Google Research, Jana Košecká, computer vision expert from the George Mason University, Peter Richtárik, machine learning expert learning from the  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Martin Takáč, machine learning expert from the Lehigh University, Peter Tiňo, machine learning expert from the University of Birmingham.

Four Slovak innovative companies will also be directly involved in the doctoral study: ESET, Luigi’s Box, SFÉRA and Softec. Companies will enrich training teams of some doctoral students with companies’ experts, providing them with interesting data from their domain. The whole topic will be focused on solving a research problem with overlap into the corporate environment, as it normally functions abroad.

Professionals and experts from our SFÉRA team will mentor external doctoral students in two of the five topics of the dissertation topics: in the field of intelligent data analytics and metaheuristic optimization.

By this form, the KInIT wants to prepare doctoral students mainly for practice and employment in innovative companies. Consequently, graduates will able to reach Slovak economy to sectors with high added value.

You can read the whole press release, as well as additional information about the doctoral study and involved partners at



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