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Smart industry solution from sféra and Bizzcom at INOFEST, the festival of innovation


"Crisis paralyzes fragile companies and those are asking for help. Crisis encourages innovators and those help themselves. INOFEST is a meeting of innovators whose obstacles are strengthening and they are finding opportunities in crises."

This is the idea of ​​the festival of innovations, which took place in Vrábly during 16.-17.9. 2020. With our participation, we have joined those who are looking for new opportunities.

Colleagues Jozef Kosa, Executive Director of Sales Department, and Marek Molnár, Sales Manager presented the ALPHA OMEGA INDUSTRY solution, which together with partner BIZZCOM s.r.o. we are developing for the industry segment.

The solution is based on the transformation of construction models of production units and production lines for visualization through virtual and augmented reality. It has several modules that, in addition to the basic visualization, display, for instance, error messages, workflows to eliminate them, digital manuals or maintenance and provide a wide range of options for creating specific training and testing. The goal is the gradual digital transformation of the company towards a digital factory and digital twin.

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