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SFÉRA, a.s. became a partner of ESCO Slovensko, a.s.


SFÉRA, a.s., is expanding its client portfolio with another important player on the Slovak energy market.

Its own software solution XMatikt®.NET/ISOM will be implemented  at ESCO Slovensko, a.s., (ESCO), which supplies modern, flexible and environmentally friendly energy solutions to companies, municipalities and the public sector.

Our information system will enable ESCO to carry out automated and transparent data collection on energy consumption, process, validate and calculate substitute values ​​and report data to OKTE, a.s., which is the organizer of the short-term energy market, and to Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. (SEPS), which fulfills its energy dispatching obligations.

The modular system will also provide the operator with electronic invoicing connected to the accounting system, automatic monitoring of payment discipline and generation of reminders to end clients.

Thanks to our solution, ESCO will be able to connect and disconnect collection points remotely via a collection center.

The use of our system will ensure to our new client not only the fulfillment of legislative obligations, but it can also be a tool to increase the client's prestige in a competitive market.

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