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Trends in industrial maintenance development - Liblice 2022


After almost three years, the conference Maintenance for TOP Managers 2022 was organized with the subtext "Sustainable development, digitization and robotics - behind all of it is a human"

SFÉRA was represented by our colleagues Ing. Marek Molnár and Mgr. Martin Gažo, who gathered information on the latest news and trends for future maintenance development.

During the conference, 29 lectures were presented on actual topics in the field of maintenance, such as smart maintenance, submillimeter scanning of 3D objects, intelligent IOT oil filters and many others. All presented directions lead to the connection of classic maintenance and modern information technologies.

Technical progress doesn’t stop at any time and also significantly affects the area of maintenance. And it is for this area that the XMatik®/EAM product is developed. The system is used for efficient asset management and modern maintenance. It is therefore necessary to share knowledge and experience with each other and to establish new cooperation. Information from the conference will help us in the development of our solution.

The conference was organized by Česká spoločnosť pre údržbu and we were glad to be able to participate.

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