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New partnership with progressive company


Our company signed a cooperation agreement with E-Vision Systems, s.r.o., company that developed a unique technology for battery regeneration. Cooperation will lie in the field of data analytics, artificial intelligence etc.

What exactly is battery regeneration and what makes the E-Vision Systems solution unique?

Up to 80% of batteries loose the required capacity before battery end-of-life. However, we often do not even know about the loss of capacity. Earlier replacement of the battery is a burden on the environment.

One of technologies that can return unused capacity to batteries is RegTel from E-Vision Systems, s.r.o. RegTel has several key advantages over global producers of similar devices. It integrates all devices that enter the regeneration process in a common solution and are often designed as separate devices. The whole process in the new solution is completely autonomous and manual replacement of devices is not necessary.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!


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