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Virtual reality will bring a different dimension to your business


Up to this day many people associate virtual and augmented reality only with the game world. However, its benefits have already been evaluated by many companies that are far from the world of entertainment. Whether it is a segment of production, logistics, energy or companies from other strategic sectors. They use it in training courses, work procedures, trainings of crisis situations or prototyping.

Virtual and augmented reality have also been able to bring "playfulness" to the sectors, enabling employees to prepare for various situations in better, safer and more engaged way. The result is generally lower costs of training courses and increased productivity of employees.

Teleporting in the production hall, penetrating through the walls of buildings and equipment, disassembling or assembling machines that employees of companies have never seen before. Ability to see "around the corner" or to train intervention in a dangerous situation with virtual flames. 

Every company has different needs and solves different situations. For this reason, proposed solution for virtual reality is individually tailored for a client. There are also proposals of solutions in our company. Our virtual reality team is ready to handle specific tasks or digitize any data and objects, which allows you to take advantage of virtual reality for a wide range of companies.

As good examples of our work we can mention solutions for Schaeffler Kysuce, spol.s.r.o. company, which uses virtual reality in the reconstruction of a CNC machine and in logistics, or refinery company SLOVNAFT a.s., which uses solutions for its training courses of employees.

You can see some examples of our work in our new section Virtual reality. You can also have a "live" try of one of the 3D models on your phone or a tablet.

For more information about virtual reality solutions, please, contact:

Virtual reality:

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