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The ENERGOFÓRUM® 2011 was held on October 20 - 21 in Vyhne. The sixth year of the conference attracted 215 participants from 83 companies. The participants heard the latest information about development of electricity and gas markets in SR and EU.

The first conference day started with legislation block. The first speaker, Ing. Pavel Šramko, director of OKTE, a.s., talked about OKTE, its position on the market, future development and expected changes on day-ahead market - negative prices, the second auction and Czech, Slovak and Hungarian market coupling. Mgr. Martin Sliva from Ministry of Economy of the Slovak republic talked about the 3.liberalized package and related changes in Slovak legislation. The most important parts of the price regulation for 2012 were presented by Ing. Ladislav Gunčaga from Regulatory Office for Network Industries.

This was the first year of the conference when we talked about natural gas what increased the number of participants. Mgr. Miroslav Kulla from RWE Gas Slovensko, s.r.o. talked about liberalization of gas market in SR and possibilities of supplier change. The state of gas market integration and infrastructure projects in middle and east Europe were presented by Ing. Michal Ľalík from eustream, a.s. The important role in security of energy supplies has Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak republic. Ambassador Dr. Urban Rusnak, leader of External Energy Security of the Slovak Republic project, presented current roles of the ministry in the project. The next block named Development of European electricity market started with presentation of Ing. Pavel Rodryč from OTE, a.s. He positively evaluated two years of Czech-Slovak day ahead market operation based on Market Coupling. The vision of CEPS, a.s., integration of European market were presented by Ing. Jiří Strnad from CEPS, a.s. Zoltán Medveczki from HUPX presented project of CZ/SK/HU market coupling and its main milestones. The first conference day ended with discussion named "What influence prices of electricity and gas". The members of panel discussion were Ing. Jaroslav Kubinec (SEPS), Ing. Igor Nagy (ČEZ Slovensko), RNDr. Ján Pišta (SSE), Ing. Dušan Randuška, MBA (SPP) and Ing. Miroslav Rendko (SE Predaj).

The second day of the conference started with presentations oriented to security, effectivity and transparency of energy supplies. The experience with operation of central data storage in Czech Republic was presented by Ing. Jiří Kubizňák (OTE). Ing. František Pecho (SEPS) presented view of SEPS into development of energy infrastructure and protection against blackout. Project Smart Region and Smart Metering were presented by Martin Machek (CEZ). RNDr. Juraj Chren (SE) talked about new electricity sources for Slovakia. The conference ended with panel discussion about competition fight for the customer. The members of the discussion were Ing. Arpád Tóth (VSE), René Grebeň (Energetické Centrum), Martin Ondko (MAGNA E.A.) and Mgr. Rastislav Hanulák (Capitol Legal Group).


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