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Implementation of legislative changes in the product XMtrade®/ISZO


We implement legislative changes, which affect processes of deviations billing, effective from January 1 2011 into product XMtrade®/ISZO.

XMtrade®/ISZO will provide a new way of reporting measured data for system operators, which contains a division into types of measurement (A, B, C) as well as information on the application of substitutive values. The system will evaluate and publish information on the uncertainty in measured data between daily and monthly deviation billing. The daily registration of daily schedules will be subjects of settlement reported only for national implementation and system for cross-border data transfers will be provided by different subjects of settlement. Implementation includes a record of trading hours with restrictive measures of SED PPS, in which the deviation billing is not realized. Other changes include the publication of the relevant type of diagrams of electricity supply, or shortening of the period for final deviations billing.

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