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Electricity storage approaches for better times


The reasons that slow down development of battery systems were the main topic of an online discussion on the expert platform ENERGOKLUB®, which took place on May, 6, 2021. Among participants were representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak Battery Alliance, FUERGY and EY, as well as the Czech Association for Energy Accumulation (AKU-BAT CZ).

In recent years, several pilot projects in energy storage were organized in Slovakia. The main problem for the growth of the battery industry is seen in the lack of legislation, according to participants of the discussion. The representative of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic explained to the participants the state of preparation of the legislative base. Its aim is to create an environment that is equal for all, without discrimination or disadvantage. Discussion also included investment support from the EU recovery and resilience plan, as well as the economic return on investment in battery systems.

 If you want to learn more about readiness of Slovakia in the field of energy storage, read the article on the ENERGOKLUB® website

ENERGOKLUB® is an exclusive platform for informal expert discussion among representatives of a wide range of subject that operate on the Slovak energy market. An important part of it is the online information portal, which regularly informs about news from the energy sector to club members. Platform is operated by SFÉRA, a.s., which has an important position in the field of development and management of information systems for participants in the energy market and actively participates in the formation of the Slovak energy sector.


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