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Changes in day-ahead market and deviation billing


The third specialized seminar for energy sector was held on September 27. The speakers discussed the changes in day-ahead market and deviations billing. The seminar attracted 109 participants from 57 companies - day-ahead electricity market participants, subjects of settlement and other companies involved in electricity trading.

The speakers were from companies sféra, a.s. and OKTE, a.s. The first of them Mgr. Libor Láznička (sféra, a.s.) introduces the schedule of the seminar - negative prices and second auction in day-ahead market and changes in the way of deviation billing.

Bc. Anton Weissensteiner (sféra, a.s.) talked about negative prices more detailed. The basic principle is easy and well known from other countries (e.g. Czech Republic) - the market participants can use negative prices. The result of matching can be positive, negative or zero billing price. He also interpreted the opinions of Ministry of Economy of SR, The Tax Directorate of SR and Custom Administration of the SR because the application of VAT and excise duty could be a difficult question for market participants.

The reasons why to introduce the second auction were lectured by Ing. Milan Mrocek (sféra, a.s.). He talked about the idea of second auction and the experience from 2 years operation of day-ahead market between SR and CR.

The last contribution was lectured by Ing. Peter Čulen (OKTE, a.s.) and he talked about changes in model of deviation billing. The origin intention of the change the quarter-hour period to one hour was reevaluated. Ing. Peter Čulen presented the results of the simulation of one hour period for deviation billing for November 2009 and impact to subjects of settlement. The simulation showed negative results for 34 subjects. At the end he presented a new model of deviation billing with quarter-hour period of deviation billing.

If you are interested in seminars for energy sector please feel free to contact us with your ideas and proposals for next seminar. The specialized energy seminars are available on

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