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ISM Policy

Top management of the company SFÉRA, a.s. implemented a policy of an Integrated Management System according to the company's vision and strategic direction. The aim is to ensure long-term, successful and complex development of the company. We can achieve this goal only by fully satisfying the requirements of our customers, systematic care for the quality of products and services, the quality of all processes and activities involved in the implementation of our products and services, ensuring the safety of business functions SFÉRA, a.s., and responsible approach to the environment.

The following principles are basis for achieving the goals

  1. Products and services of our company are focused on customer needs.
  2. Through our activities we cover needs of customers, partners, employees and owners.
  3. We create mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust, fairness, joint fight against corruption and high quality of provided products and services.
  4. We achieve continuous growth and progress by constantly improving the quality and safety of products and services.
  5. Quality of our products and services is created by educated, creative and committed employees.
  6. Measure of quality for us are world standards and top technologies.
  7. We ensure the fulfillment of strategic and business goals by selecting appropriate and cost-effective security measures adapted to the needs of the company.
  8. We meet applicable information security requirements.
  9. We protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
  10. We protect the good name of the company.
  11. We protect trade secrets.
  12. We ensure compliance with service level requirements and adequate protection of the company's assets and third party assets in accordance with signed SLAs.
  13. We follow rules and procedures of physical, personnel, communication security, operational safety and environmental safety.
  14. We inform management of the of the company of any observed or suspected deficiencies in the systems or services.
  15. By reducing and managing the production of waste, emissions of pollutants in the process of operation and maintenance, we strive to minimize the negative impacts of our activities on the environment.
  16. We protect natural resources through efficient energy and water management.
  17. By using environmentally friendly materials and the gradual renewal of technologies as environmentally friendly technologies, we protect the environment.
  18. We require our business partners to take an active approach to environmental protection.
  19. We increase and deepen awareness of environmental protection and information security among employees.
  20. We achieve efficient, productive and stable operation of the company by continuous improvement of the processes of the Quality Management System, Information Security Management System, Environmental Management System, Service Management System and in accordance with valid legislation.

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