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XMatik®.NET is a common tool for building of technical information systems in the field of property management and maintenance. XMatik®.NET possesses unique possibilities of graphical modeling and analysis of hierarchical and network relations between devices in technology together with management of preventive maintenance, operation and diagnostics, defects monitoring and evaluation. In energetics, petrochemicals, road management, distribution management and others it provides branch solutions, which directly support customer business activities.

XMatik®.NET as a source of information

XMatik®.NET serves as source of information for anyone who wants to effectively managed his property, device and technological units:

XMatik®.NET as service provider

XMatik®.NET provides:

System characteristics of the XMatik®.NET

Advantage of implementation of Microsoft.NET technology into XMatik® system

XMatik®.NET brings cardinal improve due to implementation of Microsoft.NET technology in the following areas:

Advance users interface and system control by complex conservation is certainty.

XMatik®.NET allows solution configuration for end user according to his individual needs. The configuration doesn't need producer program adjustment. Solution administrator has possibilities to:

These modifications are executed in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET standard environment.

User receive new added value to property administration and maintenance in XMatik®.NET. Solution is configured into specific environment, so that it is completely adjusted to specific task and specific process. It allows high users productivity especially in the cases of complicated and complex environment.

Obvious is possibility to create interconnection to other user system so that these systems creates one logical unit. These interconnections are always solved in individual way and XMatik®.NET provides support for their implementation - web services or individual modules. It is most frequently interconnection to ERP system (XMatik®.NET has interconnection module to SAP/R3), but important interconnection are also to the control systems, digital register, intranet or system of partner companies - purchaser or customer.

Within the product XMatik®.NET is possible to implement system modifications without significant expenses concerning to standard and accessibile environment for system configuration - Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.

Recommended operating conditions

AS Server:

DB Server:




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