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XMatik®.NET/ISED (Information system of energy dispatching centre) is a software created for collection, processing, prediction and archiving of data on electricity consumption by railway vehicles.
Basic features supported by XMatik®.NET/ISED are:

Other system functions:

XMatik® OFS

Systems XMatik® OFS and XMatik® AFS were integrated into modern and complex product XMtrade®.

XMatik® SC

This complex solution for support of road network operation and maintenance is dedicated to the subject of administrating highways, roads and tertiary roads. It is a tool for achieving efficiency; it allows minimizing of costs for road network operation and maintenance and thereby helps to create resources for its further development. It improves informing from the point of quantity and especially quality of information as well as preparation for crisis situations.

XMatik® SC helps to meet targets not only in the field of effective road network maintenance and management, but also in another related fields such as:

The solution provides

Registration of roads and road objects and management of roads and road objects inspections covers:

Creation of records and plans for realization of all types of maintenance supports:

Management of activities realized by external companies allows:

Analyses and evaluations of roads and road objects operation and maintenance include:

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