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We presented the project Smart Brewery


We’re pleased to announce that our company SFÉRA, was a proud participant of COINTT - Cooperation Innovation Technology Transfer Conference. The conference was held on the 24th and 25th of October, 2023. This event is recognized as the most important conference in the Slovak Republic. It focuses on critical areas such as technology transfer, intellectual property protection, innovation, and business support.

At the event dedicated to connecting research institutions with the business environment, we, as a partner of the Institute of Process Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, and the "NILIO" brewery presented a joint project called "Smart Brewery" - an automated brewing device.

The task of our IT specialists was primarily to provide professional assistance to university students in preparing beer production processes for virtual and augmented reality.

We are glad that our efforts to develop IT solutions using virtual and augmented reality are supported not only by the academic community but also by a commercial partner. Mutual cooperation not only inspires us but also commits us to achieve the following goals that support the digital transformation of business.

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