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We are extending the strategic cooperation with MOL companies


As a part of further extending our strategic partner cooperation with the companies of MOL group we have signed important agreements on cooperation on development of TIS information system based on the product XMatik®.NET with the units Production and Logistics of the company Slovnaft, a.s. Agreements are realized by long-term framework contracts which were signed for the period of 3 years. As part of two long term framework contracts the company sfera, a.s. will provide  technical support, functional development of information system, supply of specialized services, consultations and training as well as supply of services related to administration and extension of system data base will be provided.

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ENERGOFÓRUM 2013 – electricity

The representative of ENTSO-E Jana Moravcová will inform the participant of the conference ENERGOFÓRUM® 2013 - electricity, which will begin 10.17.2013 in the Hotel Sitno located in Vyhne, about the details on new rules and the integration of Europe...

Continuation of SAP PM GEO data update

Cooperation and contract for the update of graphic and nongraphic SAP PM GEO data (PM - Plant Maintenance, GEO - geo-space support) with the company Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava a.s. has been extended for next year.

Expansion of business and measurement information system in SEPS, a.s.

Business and measurement information system in SEPS, a.s. is being expanded with the applications that are related to new legislative. There on the basis of the product XMatik®.NET/ISOM our company provides its operational support till the end of 201...

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