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Professional article on software protection


Our colleague Mgr. Alla Demyda is the author of an article that deals with the issue of software product protection by intellectual property law. The article was published in the specialized journal "Intellectual Property" issued by the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic. As the name implies, the periodical focuses on the issues of theory and practice in the field of copyright and intellectual property rights, which is a constantly resonating topic in the field of software products. The article clarifies the issue of this topic to the readers in a professional, but comprehensible way. It points out the fact that software can be protected in other ways than just by copyright and offers insight into the theoretical evaluation of the software protection strategy in business. It also answers other questions, such as copyright protection, the problem of software patentability in the EU, industrial rights to mark software with trademarks, contractual arrangement of relations, the subject of which is software, and others that authors and owners of software products often face in their practice.

The full text of the published article can be found here

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