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New partnership and solution


We have signed a contract with Google. It is a license agreement for sale of our commercial soft solutions in the field of positioning and displaying of physical objects on the maps using Google Maps API technology for Business.

The family of solutions is based on XMatik®.NET/OPM (Object Positioning on Map). 

Such solutions are suitable  when physical objects are sensors monitored e.g. by GPS or GPRS unit, mobile phone or geo-position device and it is necessary to display its current position on an electronic map, measure and evaluate its  movement, speed, direction and distance. Fixed or moving objects or persons can be displayed.  Google Maps API for Business in our SW solutions allows using its features and benefits e.g. displaying of road and rail transport, buildings, infrastructure, streets, static maps, flash maps, reverse geo-coding.

These solutions can be embattled separately or can be implemented in our solutions based on XMatik®.NET/ED and XMatik®.NET/ISOM. 


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