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New legal obligation for OKTE, a.s.


In advance, we are implementing system for settlement of support for electricity produced by renewable energy sources (RES) and highly efficient combined heat and power plants (CHP) for the company OKTE, a.s. (Slovak electricity market operator).

Currently regional distribution system operators have been providing the settlement. However, the mechanism proved to be financially deficient in the long term. Recent major reform of the support system for RES and high efficiency CHP transferred the obligation of settlement to OKTE, a.s., effective from January 1, 2020.

Nowadays payments for support are coming from electricity consumers via so-called tariff for system operation (TPS). OKTE, a.s., is receiving the payments as a part of central invoicing from the electricity suppliers (subjects of settlement). From 2020 OKTE, a.s., will be responsible for settlement and payments of feed-in tariff and feed-in premium to producers, too. The settlement will run above the measured data reported by producers and distribution system operators to central data store of OKTE, a.s.

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