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ENERGOKLUB® starts new year with online discussion


Due to epidemiological situation ENERGOKLUB® platform started new year 2021 with online discussion on topic Energy in the Draft of National Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic. Reform instrument of the European Commission was created as reaction to the global crisis caused by the pandemic. Slovakia has a unique opportunity to use a package with than 5.8 billion EUR to restart the national economy.

Representatives of energy companies had a unique opportunity to het news what the current state of negotiations with the European Commission is. Lívia Vašáková, Director of section for the Recovery Plan at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, introduced to participants preparation process that was elaborated during the past months. Among other things, Mrs. Vašáková informed about the updated criteria for drawing funds in the Green Economy section, which is an important part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan. According to rules, 37% of the total allocation must be directed to the Green Economy.

You can read the whole article on ENERGOKLUB® website.

ENERGOKLUB®  platform creates exclusive space for informal discussion among representatives of a wide range of companies which operate the Slovak energy market. It organizes seminars, discussions and lecture, which are also available to third non-members of the club for a fee.

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