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Completion of the project Development and provision of electricity outage prediction service


As of December 12, 2023, the project Development and provision of electricity outage prediction service was completed. It was based on information about faults in distribution networks and weather data. The project was implemented thanks to the support of the Operational Program Integrated Infrastructure with fund support from the European Regional Development Fund from 3/2023 to 12/2023.

The project created a new service for predicting power outages based on information about power grid failures and weather data. Digital content in the form of supporting information for using the service and providing the electronic service itself includes the WEFP portal (

The service allows the public to obtain weather-related information about the stability of the electricity supply in a given location free of charge. It helps citizens and entrepreneurs decide whether to invest in backup solutions, self-production of electricity, or energy self-sufficiency. It thus contributes to a better use of data owned by the public administration.

We thank all colleagues who participated in the implementation of the project.

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