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Our company will deliver MicroGRAP/RS® V8.1 and technical support for the E.ON Group

Sféra, a.s., signed a contract with is is:energy slovakia, s.r.o., which provides outsourcing of informatics for the E.ON.  Enermont, s.r.o., a subsidiary company of the distribution company Západoslovenská energetika, a.s., is ...

New version of MicroGRAP/RS® 6

The new version of MicroGRAP/RS® 6 is dedicated for the automated projection and data collection of energetic distribution networks. It was implemented in the Czech companies Západočeská energetika, a.s. - March 2003 and Jihomoravská ...

Dopravoprojekt, a.s., make the upgrade to MicroGRAP/RS® 2000

After several years of using of the GRAP/RS product, Dopravoprojekt, a.s., migrated in the area of projection of high voltage lines transforming to a modern version MicroGRAP/RS® 2000 on the basis of the MicroStation/J graphical environment.

Small projection offices in the Czech Republic are using the MicroGRAP/RS® 2000 design system

After appointment of the system for heavy current distribution lines projection, MicroGRAP/RS® 2000 as a standard in Západočeská energetika, a. s., some small projection offices in the Czech Republic started its take up and utilisation.

Starting of the new MicroGRAP/RS® 6.0 version project

The development department started the project of a new MicroGRAP/RS® 6.0 version with innovated user interface, transfer to the Oracle Database and new implementation of technical standards ČSN 33 3301 valid in the Czech Republic in cooperation wit...

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