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MicroGRAP/RS® is a modern tool for automated projection and data collection from energetic distribution networks in a standard database environment Oracle, MS Access and MicroStation graphical environment, created in cooperation with power-plant companies Západočeská energetika, a. s., Jihomoravská energetika, a. s., and Západoslovenská energetika, a. s., by which it is possible to create a computer model of electrical lines in a fast and comfortable way. Following activities are supported above the model:


MicroGRAP/RS® characteristics

MicroGRAP/RS® is characterized by the following basic features:

Intuitive UI

Pull-down menu bound directly to the object type
Single-shot operations
Repeated regime of the operation above different objects of the same type
Alternation of operations above one object
Features of the object:
Displaying and modification of all selective tables of the object with in-built internal dependencies
Any undo and redo step
Possibility to set any combination of projection regimes by selective tables items

Storage of all data in a standard DBMS system

Support of MS Access and Oracle DBMS systems.

Unification of non-graphic databases of all professions

Merger of selective tables for the same objects of different professions
Possibility to differentiate individual items of the same selective table for individual professions

Possibility of simultaneous projection of all professions

Mechanical calculations

By projecting of Low-Voltage Lines (LVL) and High-Voltage Lines (HVL), mechanical calculations are realized in accordance with ESN 33 3301 standard:

Implemented ČSN 33 3301 standard

Mechanical calculations are realized in accordance with ČSN 33 3301 standard.

Projection of HVL sectors in a profile and in a situation

Projection of a new HVL sector is realized in the profile - side view with visual connection to the situation - view from above. Towers of the sector, flexures of wires in individual spans of the sector, terrain profile are displayed in the profile and mechanical straining, security border above the terrain and phasic distance of wires are controlled. Location of the sector and its towers in the base map is displayed in the situation.

Object oriented

Graphic and database data are organized into units called objects, e. g. LVL branch, tower transformer and others. Functions behavior - like information on the object, Selection of the given object and similarly - is managed by the concrete type of the object: for LVL branch there is different information displayed than for LVL tower, LVL branch is color coded in a different way than the LVL tower and other objects.

Data open

User can define and modify any part of the data base:

Comfortable equipping of objects

A user can comfortably select items from the selective tables with pre-defined assembly elements and their quantities by equipping of objects.


Only actual selective tables are offered according to the context which is determined by:

Automated generation of graphic design of objects

Graphic design of each object is automatically generated based on the object equipment, i.e. user is unloaded from manual drawing of objects.


It is possible to generate from the project:


Comfort is given by the following features - Communication with user through intuitive UI, Contextual, Automated generation of graphic design of objects and possibility of using of Libraries of pre-defined object patterns, Mass operations and possibility of Division of object equipment into parallel branches:

JTSK support

Projection, elaboration of the data from tachymetric measurements and data collection for GIS are also possible in the JTSK coordinate system.

Editing of existing and new graphic elements directly by MicroStation means

MicroGRAP/RS® structure

MicroGRAP/RS® consists of:

It is possible to quickly and flexibly build various graphic applications above the system's core, e. g. projecting of distribution and engineering networks of gas duct, oil duct, telecommunications type, etc. Architecture of the system is based on Microsoft and Bentley technologies:

MicroStation graphic environment and user interface.


Operating conditions

On the platform of Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP operational system:

System deployment


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