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ETIP-SNET- European Technology and Innovation Platforms-Smart Networks for Energy Transition

Dagmar Jarásová as a representative of the company sféra, a.s. became a member of the working group WG5 - Innovation Implementation in the Business Environment within the ETIP-SNET platform on 22th May 2019.

The European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIPs) were created by the European Commission as part of an integrated Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET PLAN), bringing together a number of interested energy sector experts.

It creates a common platform to analyse progress in innovative technologies, as well as a methodology to assess the needs of the system for the coming years.

ETIP-SNET's role is to work together in the energy transformation process to achieve a low-carbon, secure, reliable, flexible, affordable, cost-effective and market-based pan-European integrated system.

Company sféra, a.s. included its in the internal strategy to contribute to the achievement of these objectives as a priority.

Project SHAR-Q

Representatives of Sféra, a. s. have become members of the SAB (Stakeholder Advisory Board) of the SHAR-Q International Project: Accumulation Capacity in Virtual Energy Ecosystems.
The project addresses the concept of storage capacities in order to reduce the required capacity and thereby achieve savings in the ecosystems RES (Renewable energy sources) + EES (Electrical energy storages).

Renewable energy sources (RES) have discontinuous operation nature of performance. They are sources of energy that increase the challenges of their integration into energy systems. These problems can be addressed through Electrical Energy Storages (EES). EES are therefore an indispensable part of the future smart grid with a large share of variable renewable energy.

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