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XMtrade® is a multiutility system for trading and managing of various types of energy (electricity, gas, heat, water and with possible extension of emission and waste).

XMtrade® characteristics


Comprehensive support of trading and management of all types of energy.


Full compatibility with Slovak, Czech and EU legislation. Continuous update according to varying legislation. Support of ETSO standards for electronic data exchange.

Design adaptability

Modeling of trading and business processes and parameters according to customer's needs. Scalability of commodity portfolio. Configurable templates, distribution rates, management of users.


Selection of system modules according to implementation character.


Allows continuously extend the data structures and update application functions according to customers requirements.

System characteristics of XMtrade®

Independence of application layers

At the level of basic tools (database, office programs) uses generally widespread tools by world's top software manufacturers/producers (Oracle, Microsoft).

Integrated database

All information is stored in the central database. Using of standard RDBMS (Oracle) ensures safety of user's data, brings strong tools for protecting, archiving and system integration with other applications.

Support of emerging security standards, electronic signature and cryptography. Managed and controlled access to functions and data.


Easy integration with surrounding systems and automated data exchange support.

Development of multi-utility system XMtrade® for trading and management of energy was supported by the Slovak Research and Development Agency under the contract No. VMSP-P-0043-07.


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Accredited certification services for electronic signature
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