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New position of autonomous regions in transportation

The seminar for specialists with the topic, "New position of autonomous regions in transportation" was held on May 12th, 2005 in the Dom techniky, Žilina and the subsequent business meeting of Transportation and Communication Managers was held on May...

Deviation billing on the electricity market according to valid rules from January 1st, 2005

SEPS, a.s. decided to provide, until December 31st, 2004, the challenging task in implementing new legislation rules in deviation recording on the electricity market that become valid from January 1st, 2005 with the delivery of the XMatik® NT/O...

Business meeting between sféra, a.s. and SEPS, a.s. in Hotel Galbov mlyn

The business meeting between staff from sféra, a.s. and users of the Technological Information System on XMatik NT® basis was held in Hotel Galbov mlyn, Viničné on December 8th - 9th, 2004. The aim of the meeting, where 10 staff from our compan...

Deviation evaluation in SEPS, a.s. according to the decision of URSO.

SEPS, a.s., has purchased the XMatik® NT/FE upgrade module for the operational business information system. The upgraded version of the XMatik® NT/FE of the purchase module enables monthly deviation evaluation according to the decision of the O...

Functional integration of XMatik® NT V8.1 and D7.i products

Our company, on July 19th, 2004 initiated the project for functional integration of theXMatik® NT V8.1 and Datastream 7i. The integration module, XMatik® NT/D7i of the system for property and technological equipment unit management, based on the...

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