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Business meeting with Slovnaft, a.s.

Our company organized a business meeting with our key customer Slovnaft, a.s. The meeting was held on February 15th-16th, 2008 in pleasant hotel Senec in Senec. The aim of the meeting was to continue in last year's meeting and acquainted partici...

Strategic co-operation between MOL group and sféra, a.s.

We signed an important agreement within GLOBAL 5, which is the base for strategic partners cooperation with members of MOL group. The aim is to create long-term partnership, where the MOL and its subsidiaries and partners companies will use exp...

Integration of information systems to MOL group

Slovnaft Petrochemicals, s.r.o. decided on integration of SAP product with system for technological asset management based on XMatik®.NET. Integration is realized in cooperation with HP Hungary, Ltd. Slovnaft Petrochemicals, s.r.o. took ov...

Extension of system for Automated Data Collection (AZD)

We deliver product XMatik® AZD for our key customer SE, a.s. The product serves for needs of metering data processing and electricity delivery and it secures continuity with changes of users´ environment in electro-energetic sector and leg...

XMatik®.NET user training

Sféra,a.s. organized; in connection with upgrade to new technological platform;XMatik®.NET training for our long-term customers Slovnaft, a.s. and SEPS, a.s. The training was held from February 19th - March 8th, 2007 and more tha...

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