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We continue in maintenance services and support activities for SE, a.s.)

These days a two year contract with Slovenske elektrarne, a.s. was confirmed, under which we continue to provide maintenance services and support activities necessary for operation of the XMatik®.NET/AZD product for securing certified authorized tra...

Fail-proof operation even through system changes

Care for customer and the fact that extension of XMatik®.NET/FMM V10.3 solution is a certainty accompany the current contract with Duslo, a.s., Šaľa. We are enlarging the technical and technological operation support for software solution XMatik®.NE...

Technical and technological support of operation of XMatik®.NET/ISOM

We will provide technical and technological support services to ensure the reliable operation of XMatik®.NET/ISOM product for Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. These services comprises the eventual fixing of bugs, deficiencies, problem ...

The trade and measurement information system for SEPS, a.s.

We supply the trade and measurement information system (ISOM) for Slovenska elektrizacna prenosova sustava, a.s. The system created in the environment of the XMatik®.NET product, as our main product, is its module with XMatik®.NET/ISOM V10.3.s...

Cooperation with Slovnaft Petrochemicals, s.r.o.

Within the strategic partnership cooperation extension with firms of MOL group, we signed an important agreement with the company Slovnaft Petrochemicals, s.r.o. about cooperation in information system TIS development on the base of XMatik®.NET prod...

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