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Bentley Geospatial

Bentley Map

Bentley Map - a full-featured GIS - offers its users advanced tools for creation of projects related to infrastructure (GIS professionals, cartographers, designers etc.). As a MicroStation extension it uses all of its capabilities and complements tools for creation, analysis and maintenance of geospatial data.
Key features: the intuitive Map manager, XML Feature Modeling, The Geospatial Administrator, Oracle Spatial editing, topological analysis tools, spatial analysis and presentation, map generation and print preparation, map projection and coordinate conversion, high performance display of industry standard image formats, interoperability with other GIS formats (ESRI, Mapinfo etc.), a robust GIS development platform.

Bentley PowerMap

Bentley PowerMap was designed for users who do not need advanced visualization and animation tools, which are included in MicroStation. It works with DGN, DWG designs in 2D or 3D environment. It is possible to attach SHP file as a reference.
Bentley PowerMap and Bentley Map are based on the same code base. They share most of key features, which make it an "easy to use GIS". It represents economical connection of the most important MicroStation and Bentley Map functions in a single product.

Bentley PowerMap Field

The completion of the "Power-products" line with a tool dedicated to operation of mobile PC (Tablet PC) especially for data collection. Creation of graphic data and fulfillment of attributes are allowed in the so called, redline layer.
The Bentley PowerMap Field with its functionality ideally completes the range of products for intelligent work with space data MicroStation GeoGraphics (complex solution) and Bentley PowerMap in the position of a simple client.

Bentley Geo Web Publisher

Bentley Geo Web Publisher is a complex solution for development of internal and external Web sites. Allows to present graphic information (DGN, DWG file formats, raster images) and non-graphic information (databases) over the Internet. Combination of wide variety data formats represents high-performance Web GIS. Information can be presented in many ways and forms, which will be the best for end-users. Geo Web Publisher is easy to install and easy to administer.

Bentley Descartes

Bentley Descartes is the imaging solution, fully integrated with a MicroStation environment. Bentley Descartes provides tools to work with 24-bit images of all industry standard file formats, including aerial and satellite file formats. It allows quick and easy transform, reference, mosaic, resample or create image scenes with 3D terrain draping. Raster to vector conversion allow Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools.
V8i release of Bentley Descartes brings better integration with Raster Manager, support of 3D oriented rasters, new raster filters and can be installed on PowerDraft.

Bentley I/RAS B

A tool for processing and archiving of monochromatic scanned maps and drawings. Bentley I/RAS B also contains (previously an independent superstructure) I/RAS Engineer for automated interactive conversion of raster drawings and maps into vector ones.

Bentley Coax, Bentley Fiber, Bentley Inside Plant

Solutions for communication networks.

MicroStation GeoGraphics

An engineering configuration, MicroStation GeoGraphics is dedicated to the area of geo-engineering and is already incorporated in the basic price of MicroStation V8 2004 Edition.
MicroStation GeoGraphics is a tool for creation of, for example, analytical projects focused on the processing of engineering data, which contains geo-information components.
MicroStation utilizes standard DGN files for its work, standard relational databases for creation of data warehouses, or direct recording and creation of the project in an ORACLE database environment.

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