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Bentley Systems, Incorporated


Bentley Systems, Incorporated, is a global supplier of cooperation supporting software solutions, which enables users to create, manage and publish architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) content. Software solutions of the company are used for design, projection, construction and operation of important engineering constructions as highways, bridges, buildings, industrial and manufacturing units or engineering networks.

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Bentley Channel Partner


The Bentley Channel Partner Program reflects the value and importance Bentley sees in partnering with dedicated, infrastructure-focused solution organizations whose business goals align with Bentley. The Bentley Channel Partner Program enable Bentley partners to better support Bentley users, extend their own market reach, increase opportunities, and drive more sales.






Bentley Institute
Authorizes Channel Partner to promote and deliver Bentley Institute courses for end users.


Bentley PSP (Product Sales Partner)
Effective from: 1.6.2009
The Bentley Product Sales Partner status allows sale and distribution of Bentley Systems products. The PSP status is successor of the BSSP status.


Bentley PAC (The Bentley Partner Advisory Council)
Effective from: 16.10.2007
The mission for Bentley's PACs is to gather and disseminate channel partner feedback on strategic Bentley products, SME go-to-market strategies and programs through close dialogue between select channel partners and Bentley executives, fostering cohesive relationships between Bentley, its partners and the product groups.

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BSSP (Bentley Sales and Support Partner)
Effective from: 1.7.2006
The BSSP status allows sale and distribution of Bentley System products. The BSSP status is successor of the MVAR status.


MVAR (MicroStation Value-Added Reseller)
Effective from: 18.6.1999
Our company is an authorized partner for sale of the following products:
Select (complex supporting program Bentley Select)
Academic (for schools and students)
Geo (for geodesy, cartography, GIS and building construction)
WorkPlace (for document and data flow management)

BAP (Bentley Alliance Program)
Effective from: 12.8.2002
The Bentley Alliance Program covers various initiatives of Bentley Systems in the area of partner relations

BDN (Bentley Developer Network)
Effective from: 12.8.2002
The Bentley Developer Network status is a symbol of the cooperation formed by the creation of professional applications utilizing Bentley Systems products.
Our company is the only company in Slovakia with BDN status.

EDP (Enterprise Developer Program)
Effective from: 30.9.1998

ISD (Independent Software Developer)
Effective from: 27.6.1995

BSC (Bentley Sales Centre)
Effective from: 14.2.1995


Awards obtained by our company:

Partner of the year 2004
for biggest accomplished annual growth of sale Bentley products and services
Effective from: 3.6.2005


Partner of the year 2005
For biggest accomplished annual growth of Bentley SELECT signed contracts in Slovak republic
Effective from: 3.5.2006



Certificates, licenses and warranty obtained by our staff:

MicroStation V8 a Bentley Redline
Effective from: 25.11.2003


SELECTserver, SELECTservices Online
Effective from: 17.7.2003


MicroStation V8
Effective from: 8.10.2002


Bentley Publisher 3.8
Effective from: 8.10.2002


MicroStation / J
Effective from: 14.11.2001


MicroStation GeoGraphic
Effective from: 11.8.2000


Effective from: 11.8.2000


ProjectWise 2
Effective from: 11.8.2000


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Consulting and analyses in power industry
Processing of technical data
Processing of graphic data
Processing of CAD data
Sale and installation of software
Sale and installation of hardware
Accredited certification services for electronic signature
Double-entry bookkeeping, maintenance of personnel and payroll agenda
Energy trading
Electricity dispatching
Facility management and maintenance
Devices and equipment lifecycle management
Technological networks management
Technical documentation maintenance
Road network management
Energetic networks design
Maps, atlases and other map works
Technical information systems
Trading information systems for power industry
Consulting and analyses in power industry
Graphic applications
Municipal information systems

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