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Workshop for participants of Ukrainian electricity market


In accordance with the Ukrainian Electricity Market Act the Ukrainian wholesale electricity market is going to be fully liberalized from July 1, 2019. Therefore every process that is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the market must be completed by this date. Market operator ENERGORYNOK is in this regard no exception. Currently the company in cooperation with SFÉRA, a.s. is implementing the new information system for intraday and day-ahead market. As a part of these activities and in order to increase practical skills of working with XMtrade®/PXS system that was developed for ENERGORYNOK, SFÉRA, a.s. organized a special workshop for electricity market participants in Kiev.

More than 200 participant attended the workshop on March 23, 2019. In addition to current and potential electricity suppliers and traders, distribution companies and electricity producers took part as well. Deputies of Ukrainian ministries, National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC) and market operator itself attended, too.

Workshop was formally opened by the chairman of ENERGORYNOK Yuriy Gnatyuk. In his speech, he expressed gratitude to SFÉRA, a.s. for its work so far. Afterwards the representatives of SFÉRA, a.s. proceeded to their presentations. Libor Láznička briefly introduced the development of the intraday and day-ahead market in Slovakia and its integration in Central European region. He underlined the main challenges in the implementation process of short-term electricity market. Róbert Maier then in detail explained the principles of XMtrade®/PXS and showed the practical examples of how to trade via the system.

Subsequently Martin Kaňuk introduced additional products and experiences of SFÉRA, a.s. in energy sector. Above all, he focused on XMtrade® system that is designed to support the activities of energy suppliers and traders. The other presented product was XMatik®.smart|MDM whose functions are used mainly by distribution system operators. Its users also include providers of business measurement who collect and evaluate data from electric meters. Market participants showed great interest in both products, which resulted in making contacts with several major Ukrainian companies.

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