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On Sunday, May 3, we took part in the Wings for Life World Run. The overall result of the sféra team was a little less than 100 km, which was a target marathon distance. We have to point out that our team decided to reach for more ambitious goal and contributed to finding a cure for spinal cord injury by donating our fees.

Organizers of The Wings for Life World Run 2020 decided to adapt to the current situation that is remarkable for global social distancing. Through the mobile application, all runners started marathon at the same time (in Slovakia at 13:00). Sooner or later, everyone has been caught up in the virtual Catcher Car. Participant from our team were caught up in the streets of Bratislava, Kalinkov, on the ridge of the Štiavnica Hills, in Ivanka pri Dunaji and on the Danube dam.

More than 77,000 runners from 104 countries participated in the marathon. Together, they covered 924,960 km and raised € 2.8 million.

We are already looking forward to May 9, 2021!

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