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Trading of Energoatom will be powered by XMtrade®


Following successful tender our company will supply new software for Ukrainian state enterprise Energoatom. The company is our second significant Ukrainian customer won over a short time. The first major client has been market operator ENERGORYNOK. This marks the importance of Ukrainian market for our future development and proves the fact that sféra, a.s., is regarded as a solid partner with good prospects for local companies with ambition to profit from the liberalization of the Ukrainian electricity market.

Energoatom and sféra, a.s., signed the contract for supply of information system XMtrade® on March 25, 2019. The XMtrade® system will support Energoatom΄s activities on the wholesale electricity market after its full liberalization from July 1, 2019. It covers ETRM (Energy Trade and Risk Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). XMtrade® enables Energoatom to trade produced electricity on bilateral market, daily and intra-day market as well as balancing market. Among other advantages, our system allows to manage contracts and contractors, invoices and receivables, locations of supply, manage and optimize product portfolio and also market position.

Energoatom is currently the biggest electricity producer in Ukraine. The state enterprise is operating 15 nuclear units and produces more than half (53 %) of the total electricity generated in the country.

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