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The platform ENERGOKLUB® enhances its online news coverage


During the implementation of measures to slow down the transmission of the COVID-19, which especially include social distancing, the activities of the platform ENERGOKLUB® focuses on publishing.

Since its launch in December 2017 more than 400 articles in Slovak language about the domestic, European and world energy sector have been published on the webpage Furthermore, in October 2019 new section called In brief was launched on and It brings short and current news from the sector. During the half year of existence visitors could read over 500 brief news.

Although the primary goal of the platform ENERGOKLUB® is to create exclusive place for informal discussion among representatives of wide spectrum of entities active on the Slovak energy market, meetings and discussions in person among members and invited guests have been attenuated in previous weeks. On the other hand, the long-term editorial experience and expertise of the team has been demonstrated by publishing high quality news content.

In the previous month the general public and above all the members of ENERGOKLUB®, who have access to exclusive parts of articles with added value, have been even more intensively informed on developments in energy sector.

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