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The Czech market operator uses our upgraded IT solution


The Czech market operator OTE is able to issue Guarantees of Origin of Energy on a larger scale from the beginning of May due to the updated information system of our company.

The Guarantee of Origin (GO) is demonstrable evidence for the consumer. It includes such information as the source, the production device and the period of producing the supplied energy. Until now, GO has been issued by OTE, which operates the XMtrade®/EZP (Evidence of Guarantees of Origin) information system for such purpose and only for producers whose electric energy came from renewable sources (RES). After the expansion of functionalities of the system, the Guarantee of Origin can also be issued to all producers of electricity originating from any source, if it is delivered to the system of the transmission or distribution of the Czech Republic. Another novelty is the possibility of issuing Guarantees for producers of other energy commodities, such as biomethane, hydrogen and heat. The producers of these energy commodities can request the issuance of Guarantees of Origin for the energy produced since 1 January 2023. The Guarantees of Origin are issued on the basis of accepted standards of the produced and delivered amount of energy, which were measured or calculated in accordance with the current legislation.

Ing. Róbert Maier, Product Manager, commented on the innovation of advanced functions of the XMtrade®/EZP system for the Czech electricity and gas market operator: "We are honored to be a part of the significant development of Guarantees of Origin in the Czech Republic. We believe that the GO market to be moved to a higher level due to the information system supplied by us. It will be not only thanks to the support of issuing and managing Guarantees of Origin of electricity, but also due to other energy commodities". The expansion of the information system also led to clearer reporting, simplified administration, and the general improvement of the user interface.

Company SFÉRA makes much effort to continue to be the first-choice partner for strategic participants of the energy market and the reliable partner for projects of supporting the development of the energy market in Europe.

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