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Thanks from Ukraine


In connection with our material and financial aid delivered to Ukraine, a significant part of which was delivered through the Ukrainian charity organization Плечe побратимa, we were pleasantly surprised by their expression of gratitude. We received a letter of thanks together with the yellow-blue national flag of Ukraine and the red-black battle flag, which has been used in Ukraine since the time of the Ukrainian national uprising, after the First World War, as a symbol of the struggle for the independence of the Ukrainian nation.

Translation of the text of the letter of thanks: "Thanks are announced to the IT company <<Sféra>> from the charity organization << Плечe побратимa>>, as well as from the Ukrainian nation for the timely and significant support of the defense capability and for the humanitarian aid provided to the defense units. We are proud to have friends who help us defend the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine."

Both the flags and the letter of thanks were given to the statutory representative of the company and belong to every  member of the SFÉRA team who in any way participated in helping in any form.

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