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SFÉRA presented experience in market coupling and innovative products for distribution companies at the Ukrainian Energy Forum


Ukrainian Energy Forum is one of the most important events where experts, representatives of state institutions and market participants of the energy sector in Ukraine participate. Among topics of the 12th year, which took place from July, 14-16, 2021 in Kyiv, were impact of European energy community legislation on the formation of the Ukrainian market, discussion of the strategy of the new Ukrainian government in the field of energy and the search for new opportunities for trade cooperation in the region. At the conference, we presented in front of more than 500 participants our experience in connecting market business areas, as well as a new solution for distribution companies.

Currently Ukraine is open to new opportunities after launch of the liberalized market. Distributors face the challenge of implementing smart metering systems, the market is open to new solutions and the import of experience from countries that have already gone through similar development in energy sector.

Kristián Takáč, external consultant at SFÉRA, presented the XMatik®/MDM product in section, dedicated to new challenges for distribution system operators, as well as results of the project of consolidation of metering centers (KOC). Our team is developing system for our customer Západoslovenská distribučná spoločnosť, a.s. Mr.Takáč   presented goals of the KOC project: unification of processes of collecting measured data and their further processing and sharing with other relevant market participants. Kristián Takáč sees a suitable space for implementation of similar solutions in current period in Ukraine. Ukraine has recently adopted the regulatory asset base (RAB regulation), which created a more stable financial basis for distribution companies with possibility to plan long-term investments. It gives a space for streamlining processes and investments in implementation of projects such as XMatik®/MDM and the KOC project.

Robert Maier, product manager, in section dedicated to market coupling, described SFÉRA's experience with milestones in launch of the short-term day-ahead electricity market in Slovakia and Ukraine, as well as the ongoing Core Flow-Based Market Coupling (Core FB MC) project, aimed at creating a single European electricity market. In his presentation, Mr. Maier outlined possibilities and benefits of market coupling of the Ukrainian day-ahead market to the European market and Moldova. He also highlighted experience of the company with the interconnection of Czech-Slovak day-ahead markets. Solution can be directly implemented by SFÉRA in Ukraine. Róbert Maier also outlined the necessary steps that are condition for the successful launch of market coupling.

We can support development of the Ukrainian market and its integration to the European market with valuable project experience and, thanks to cooperation with the short-term market operator (SE "Market Operator"), knowledge of the legislative framework and technical solutions on the XMtrade®/PXS platform. For SFÉRA, Ukrainian market is one of the strategic business priorities, where it will continue to develop activities and import solutions that have reliably proven themselves in advancement of the Slovak energy sector.

The 12th Ukrainian Energy Forum took place on July, 14-16, 2021 in Kyiv. Traditionally it was organized by the Adam Smith Conference. The conference is one of the most important meetings of experts, companies and representatives of the public sector in the energy sector in Ukraine.

In 2021, more than 500 participants took part in the event, 15% of them participated online. 75% were representatives of international and domestic companies in the energy sector, 10% from the public sector, regulatory institutions and diplomacy, and 15% from suppliers of services and solutions for energy sector.

SFÉRA, a.s., has a complex portfolio of products and solutions for energy market participants. It supplies and manages systems for short-term electricity market operators in Ukraine and Slovakia. It develops and manages systems that interconnected the Slovak short-term market with the European one (Interim Coupling) and further cooperates on the project CORE-Core Flow-Based Market Coupling (Core FB MC). Project aims to create a single European electricity market.

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