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SFÉRA joined the campaign Bike to work


A positive "cycloatmosphere" prevailed in Slovakia in June. Almost 1,300 employers took part in this year's Bike to work campaign. SFÉRA was among participants again.

12 colleagues formed 3 teams. Participation in the campaign was a great motivation to get on a bike every day, to do something for health and for the environment.

A great advantage for our employees is the "bikefriendly" background of the Twin City A building, where they can safely park their bicycles. There are also locker rooms and showers, even directly in the office of the company. It is especially appreciated by colleagues who come from remoter towns. Benefits of this type are not self-evident for all employers and will please every cycling fan.

We thank the organizer of the campaign for preparation and promotion of cycling. We express our gratitude to all involved colleagues for their participation and representation. We are looking forward to the year 2022!

Results of our teams as follows:

Name of the team Number of rides  Number of km  CO2 (kg)
Zadychčané kilowatty 150 1 931,62 482,91
sfe®aci 145 1 105,52 276,38
Tretia sféra 87 899,56 225,89

Employees of SFÉRA were involved in Bike to work campaign for the fifth time. Taking care for the health of our employees is one of company key values. We organize a golf academy, we have a stable team of runners, our own gym with sauna directly in the office, we rent a swimming pool. To support employees in sports activities and strengthening health, we established our own sports club ŠK SFÉRA - Zdravý Život. With the club, we contribute to the entry fee for our employees, we organize and support sports activities and events.


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