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sféra, a.s. as a sponsor of CESCG 2012


Our company supported the 16th annual of the Student Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics held under the auspices of the Austrian ambassador in the Slovak Republic, from 29 April - 2nd May 2012 in Smolenice. The Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics is one of the most important student research seminars in the Central Europe. The seminar was co-organized by the Technical University of Vienna, representing by Doc. Dr. Michael Wimmer, and the Comenius University in Bratislava.

Nearly 70 best students of computer graphics from the all Central European countries and guests from Germany, Norway and Bosnia met in the Smolenice Castle. Invited lecturers were top experts in the processing of visual information and their lectures showed the latest ideas and inspiration from the highly promising research areas at the edge of current technology. Legendary woman, Prof. Carol O'Sullivan from Dublin, the editor of prestigious scientific journals, presented the latest research in group of moving people and their clones in virtual environments. Prof. Joaquim Jorge from Lisbon, a specialist in calligraphy and multimodal human-computer interaction, editor of a worldwide educational online project CGEMS showed a vision of interaction of future on a tablet and above it - by a surprising help of scanning sound, touches, tapping and knocking. At the conference, students introduced their latest projects and knowledge of the leading directions of research and teaching computer graphics, which in today's information and communication technology plays a key role.


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