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Research on possibility to use waste heat


The Research Agency and The Insitute of Materials and Machine Mechanics of the Slovak Academy of Science, a public research institution, signed a contract on the provision of non-refundable financial means for the project Research on possibilities of using waste heat from industry for heating in public and commercial sectors.  

The project will be implemented by a consortium of 3 institutions within the OPII-VA/DP/2021/9.3-01 call for submission of applications for non-refundable financial contribution to support non-entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial research and development capacities in field of intelligent specialization of RIS3 SK. The applicant is the SAV Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, partners of the project are SFÉRA, a.s. and APLIK, spol. s r.o.

The goal of the project Research of the possibilities of using waste heat from industry for heating in the public and commercial sector in Slovakia is to assess the technical and economic possibilities of heating buildings with residual heat in Slovakia. Consequently, to create rational assumptions for future investments in research and development in this area, as well as for effective reduction of environmental burdens resulting from heating buildings.

One of the outputs of the project will be a technical report in which the most important sources of residual industrial heat in Slovakia will be identified according to the location of the source in individual regions with a description of the source, capacity, availability, etc., and proposed possibilities of their use for heating needs in the immediate vicinity, including economic analyzes for different conditions of energy and emissions market development.

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