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Reform of the Ukrainian electricity market goes ahead. Sféra takes its part


The Ukrainian electricity market is going over principal changes in spirit of liberalization. Market operator Energorynok chose Slovak company SFÉRA, a.s., for implementation of its new information system for intraday and day-ahead market.

On October 10, 2018, on the basis of tender results Energorynok and our company signed contract for procurement of information system for the operation of intraday and day-ahead market. SFÉRA, a.s. has been successfully operating and developing similar system in Slovak company OKTE, a.s. The contract in Ukraine includes system operation and technical support during three years period.

For the Slovak market operator our company has been successfully implementing much larger scale of activities for almost 10 years. It has implemented information system of imbalance settlement, central data management, central billing, access to data from smart meters and reporting according to REMIT. Given the gradual integration of central European electricity market we have experience in integrating the Slovak and Czech market and further extension to Hungarian and Romanian market zones (so called market coupling). The Ukrainian electricity market give us new opportunity to apply Slovak software solution and long-time experience.

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