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Railways of the Slovak republic uses XMatik®.NET/ISOM V10.2


We provide supply and complete installation of a solution for collection, monitoring and evaluation of measured data of electric energy consumption by railway vehicles in a distribution network in relation to processing of billing data for the railway company Železnice Slovenskej republiky, Bratislava (Railways of the Slovak republic).
Adjustment of operation parameters, monitoring and visualization of current consumption,evaluation of power consumption that serves for processing of analyses, reports and diagrams, for identification unauthorized off-takes, prediction of consumption and evaluation of deviation are component parts of the supply as well. The solution for support of financial processes includes provision of import of measured data, import of receipts and deposits from the billing system, preparation and generation of various types of invoices, generation of reviews and statistics, administration of reclamations and maintenance and archiving of billing data. The solution also includes a complete technical infrastructure and application licensing.

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