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Presentation of the cartographical work “Resources and Environment – World Atlas”


A presentation of a topical atlas of the world "Resources and Environment" was held at the Austria Academy of Science in Vienna on May 9th, 2000. The atlas was digitally processed by sféra, a.s., in the MicroStation graphical environment during the years 1995 - 1997. In the pleasant environment of the theatrical hall of the Austrian Academy of Science, university professor Dr. A. Borsdorf welcomed the present participants. University docent, Dr. W. Heindl, Director of Österreichisches Ost- und Südosteuropa-Institut, evaluated the benefits of the atlas for professionals as well as for the lay public. H. W. Schnadl, Director of Ed. Hölzel Dkfm. publishing house informed participants about the proceeding of their own creation of the atlas as well as of the activities connected to its sales. Prof. Dr. V. M. Kotlyakov focused on the history of creation of data which creates the content of individual maps and which were created by more than 300 scientists of the Russian Academy of Science for more than 10 years. Prof. Dr. A. A. Liouty briefly analysed the contents of individual atlas chapters. At the end, the university docent Dr. P. Jordan demonstrated a variety of themes incorporated in the atlas and way of their processing on several map samples. While evaluating cooperation and benefits of sféra, a. s., in individual contributions, praise was given for the extent, accuracy and quality of digital processing. Representatives of Ed. Hölzel publishing house, Österreichisches Ost- und Südosteuropa-Institut and Austrian Academy of Science expressed interest in continuing cooperation with our company by solving of further projects.

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