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Percentage of vaccinated employees, that is 70%, is above the average percentage in the Bratislava region


In SFÉRA, a.s., we are approaching 70% of vaccinated employees (69.2%). It is a result of responsibility of employees and a clear attitude of our company's management to vaccination.

From the beginning of the pandemic, it was clear that we couldn't rely only on the active policy of the state. For that reason, ordinary people and employers took over the solution of critical situations and individual steps leading to improvement of epidemic situation.

In our company pandemic commission was created. It is closely monitoring the situation and development of the pandemic for more than a year. Commission issues recommendations for employees and decisions that help to prevent the spread of the disease in the workplace. Its members consider vaccination as a crucial step in return to normal life. In favor of vaccination, commission decided to give a payable day off for regeneration after vaccination. We have also included the topic in the internal newsletter. The general director also supports it and shares expert articles, where respected professionals explain the importance of vaccination. As of July 9, 2021, 99 of 143 employees are vaccinated.

With a high vaccination percentage, we can speed up return of employees to the workplace after long-term work from home office. As a result, almost all departments are fully operational in standard mode.

The willingness of our employees to get vaccinated is significantly higher and result is higher than the average in the districts of the Bratislava region, where the vaccination percentage is between 40-57% (

We have been dealing with the topic of vaccination and health promotion in the SFÉRA for a long time. Health of employees is one of our long-term priorities. Usually, during major flu epidemics, our company offers possibility of vaccination, that is organized and paid by the company. To support health of our employees, we deliver fresh fruits daily to the office and ensure drinking water. Our employees can also to do a work out in the on-site gym and regenerate in the sauna. Sport club of the company, SFÉRA Zdravý život, contributes to sports activities of employees, organizes and pays memberships for sports activities (swimming, jogging, golf and others). Our company regularly participates in the national Slovak campaign called Bike to Work.

We would like to thank all colleagues who decided to get vaccinated. It is, above all, their own decision. In this way, they protect not only their own health, but also health of colleagues and relatives. The company's management will continue to make efforts to support such decisions not only these days but also in the future. We thank all members of the pandemic commission, who, in addition to their job responsibilities, regularly met, managed processes and addressed topics that helped to prevent the spread of the disease and protected the health all of us. We believe that our attitude towards the pandemic will inspire others.


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