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Our company reaches 80% vaccination goal


SFÉRA, a.s. achieved 80% vaccination goal (80.79%) against COVID19. We value the responsibility and co-operation of our employees.

We are responding responsibly to the third wave of the pandemic. We are intensely aware of the critical situation in hospitals. For this reason pandemic commission meets once a week and monitors epidemic situation in the company.

Thanks to the high percentage of vaccinated employees, we were able to work more safely in the offices in the summer. However, the current situation is again more challenging and currently most of our colleagues work from the safety of their homes.

To support vaccination, we proposed a day off with full reimbursement after each COVID19 vaccination. At the same time, we provide the possibility of additional use of this leave for colleagues who acted promptly and could be vaccinated before we introduced this benefit. Colleagues who have not yet used their benefit can use this free time during the Christmas holidays. Our employees can use up to three extra days off.

Throughout the year, we communicated intensively on daily basis. We recorded, controlled OTP, proposed improvements and set up our own pandemic commission. The General Director also supports vaccination and regularly share expert articles with employees. Because health is our priority.

As of December 14, 2021, 122 of the 151 employees have already been vaccinated in our country. In the beginning of the flu period, we also provided vaccination against the flu.

We thank to all colleagues who decided to vaccinate. They help our team, protect themselves and their families. They also express their belonging to health professionals so that they can do their job a little easier during such a demanding period. The company's management will continue to make efforts to support such decisions.

We thank the members of our pandemic commission, who, in addition to their job responsibilities, regularly introduce new processes and address issues that help protect our health. We believe that our approach can inspire others.

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