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Negotiations with representatives of the Ukrainian market operator


The topic of Market Coupling was the main subject of the discussion of representatives of our company SFÉRA, a.s., with the Ukrainian delegation representing the company Market Operator (Оператор Pинку), which is the operator of the Ukrainian electricity market.
The discussions had a wider significance also due to the fact that the chairman of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (ÚRSO) personally attended the meeting. The meeting, which took place on May 18, 2023, began in the premises of our company, where the possibilities of cooperation were discussed to fulfill the technical and legislative requirements of several activities of the Ukrainian market operator defined in the drafts of the Ukrainian legislation.

Our colleague, Ing. Robert Maier, who was responsible for the successful implementation of our XMtrade®/PXS system at the Ukrainian market operator, led negotiations aimed at expanding the operated system. The reason for the modifications under discussion is the interest in the preparation and involvement of the system operated in Ukraine in the project of connecting the European daily electricity markets, the so-called Core Flow-based Market Coupling. The possibilities of developing the activities of the Ukrainian market operator in terms of the implementation of the legislation related to the REMIT regulation and its impact on the obligations of the market organizer, as well as the legislation related to guarantees of the origin of electricity, were also discussed.

Then the negotiations were carried over to Regulatory Office for Network Industries, where the possibilities of joining Ukraine to Market Coupling were discussed, also with the participation of the head of the office, Ing. Andrej Juris. The importance of the meeting also lay in the fact that after the end of the war conflict, Ukraine can be a significant exporter of electricity for the European energy market, thanks to its potential for electricity production.

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