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Microsoft Gold competency


The company sféra, a.s. is excited to announce that it reached the Gold Application Development competency in the Microsoft Partner Network by which it demonstrates the ability to react on the changing needs of the customers of Microsoft Corporation in today's dynamic technological environment.


In order to obtain Microsoft Gold competency the organization must undergo a series of strict test to show its level of professional knowledge of technologies, it must have a certain number of employees that hold the Microsoft Certified Professional certificate or a certified application Platform Ready, it has to submit customer references as well as it has to yearly demonstrate activities in the form of customer satisfaction survey.

About Microsoft Competency
To reach Microsoft Gold Competency means to reach the top level of skills within given technology - specialization. Microsoft competencies are designed to help distinguish specific technological skills of partners and to help the customers fast and easy find a suitable provider of solutions.  Each competency has unique set of requirements and benefits, covers specific skills and services which partners bring into the field. Microsoft Partner Network is designed in such a way to enable the member organizations, which products and services are based on the Microsoft platform, by using training courses, resources and support to operate competently for customers.

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