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Information System for Facility Management and Maintenance in Duslo, a.s.


Success in tender for "Facility Management System" means that we are implementing a complex information system XMatik®.NET/FMM V10.3 which supports facility management and maintenance in Duslo a.s.
Individual modules of the information system provide support for management and maintenance of buildings and production facilities; detailed hierarchical evidence of all objects, their history, equipment as well as planning for future activities. To support maintenance processes, the information system provides for registration and planning of all events of equipment lifecycle - including cost tracking - starting from its installation and continuing through testing, planning and monitoring all maintenance activities up to putting the equipment out of operation. Management of technical and technological documentation will be an integral part of the information system, having tools for generating outputs in various formats by demand, as well as tools for preparation and management of printed documents. Graphic tools of information system, based on products of Bentley Systems Incorporated, will enable creation of intelligent diagrams, network charts and tools for comfortable graphic navigation in databases build on Oracle technological platform.

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Processing of technical data
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Accredited certification services for electronic signature
Double-entry bookkeeping, maintenance of personnel and payroll agenda
Energy trading
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Technological networks management
Technical documentation maintenance
Road network management
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