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ENERGOKLUB® discussion


The main topic of the April discussion of the professional platform ENERGOKLUB® was the development of community energy in Slovakia, which opens up possibilities for the development of energy communities.

The concept of community energy is already developed in several EU member states, while in Slovakia, for the first time, new participants in the electricity market were defined by last year's amendment to the Energy and Regulatory Act.

Members of the ENERGOKLUB® platform had the opportunity to communicate with leading experts in this field. The main discussing experts were Marián Parkányi, chairman of the Cluster of Energy Communities of Slovakia, Peter Ludrovský, energy advisor of the Union of Cities and Municipalities of Slovakia and Tomáš Jagoš, head of the project working group from the Union of Community Energy. The opinions of representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, SIEA and the SAPI association were also heard during the informal debate.

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